I have a Fender Squier Affinity Strat. It has the hum noise that strats often have. I have heard that solid-state amps make this less noticeable. I'm playing through a Fender Mustang III. These amps are known for the infamous "fizz", however I know the noise can be reduced.

My noise gate on the amp is maximum. However, on louder volumes with a bit of gain, I get an obnoxiously loud hum. I know there are ways around this.

I have considered installing a humbucker (converting from SSS to HSS). I play classic rock, mostly medium to hard rock (Cheap Trick, Pearl Jam, The Who, etc.) and some metal with occasional cleans. How noticeable is the difference of a Fat Strat (HSS) to a normal Strat (SSS)? How much would it reduce the hum?

Or, I have been researching "shielding" my guitar, however this can be difficult.

Which one would be cheaper, easiest, or most beneficial for my playing?
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Only the bridge pickup will yield a difference in hum, if it's the guitar that's causing it. In other words, only position 1 will have reduced hum.
If you're talking about doing a pickup swap, there are lots of noiseless singlecoil pickups out there, but most don't sound exactly like traditional Fender singlecoils, and they can get expensive.

My personal no-brainer option in this area are Lace Alumitones. Due to a completely unique design, they're utterly noiseless. They are clean as hell, and can develop a decent twang. Again, they're not going to perfectly nail a typical Strat tone...but you can get close.

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