hi guys, I have an idea that i'd like to record and all is good and well except how my solo shred sounds. I want it so sound like Zakk's solo from "the last goodbye". how did Zakk get that sound? it sounds like a lot of reverb and a very clean distortion, although i can't seem to replicate it with my set up. are there any pedals i need to buy to achieve this sound, or is it a post recording effect?
List of things you need to sound like Zakk Wylde:
His guitar (not just the same model, the actual guitar)
His pedals (the same models will get you close, as long as you have any mods he may have done)
Your pedals need to be hooked up in the same order, and with the same settings
The same amp (the exact amp, with the exact tubes/speakers he was using in the same condition they were in)
His exact technique (Seriously, you have no idea how much your technique effects your tone)

If there were effects done in post (if this is a record then there probably was) you also need
The same plugins in the same order with the same settings
The same outboard gear (exact gear, same settings, etc.)
The same room (or one with identical characteristics)
The same microphone (with the same placement)

And if you aren't getting the picture yet here it is:
TL;DR Tone chasing is a losing game, you'll never get anyone elses exact tone. Even they won't sound identical in two takes.
I saw an interview with Dime and he was reluctant to show his rig or settings because he was saying it's important for you to find your own sound and your own vibe.. Try using some similar things to Zakk.. if you have a multi-fx pedal there are patches you can tone in, but like the previous poster recommended, you'll need a heck of a lot more than that to get close, just have a play around with some settings and find something that fits right for you and the sound you want!