I play in a function band and I want to create a new guitar setup in which I can create a patch list on my computer and then use a midi foot controller to scroll through the patches. I also need to be able to send midi data to my midi controlled pedals such as my strymon timeline and big sky. I want as tap dancing as possible. I am out of my depth a little...can anyone help?
Expensive isn't a problem...i want to use my pedals and my amps...i just need a midi loop control system to control what pedal is on when.
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I play in a function band
What's a function band?
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I want to create a new guitar setup in which I can create a patch list on my computer and then use a midi foot controller to scroll through the patches.
Do you only need midi switchable fx or amp settings as well?

If the first one then get whatever nice multi-fx processor, say the alesis quadraverb 2, and pair it with a behringer FCB1010.

If the second one, get an axe fx or a kemper or a pod and either use their respective foot controllers for a bit more convenience or get an FCB1010.

If you don't care for editing patches on a computer get whatever amp with midi switching (rhodes gemini, whatever diezel, ENGL SE...), possibly a multi-fx processor, and use a behringer FCB1010 for switching.
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I agree with Will. I love midi but unless I am not completely understanding what you are tying to do it sounds like a lot of work and too expensive. I play in a "midi assisted" duo (we use additional midi tracks triggered by my laptop with Roland sound modules) and have been using midi live for more than 20 years but in this case I think a decent programable multi-effects will do what you want at a much more reasonable price and give you a lot more sounds to play with. Just the midi programming that will be needed once you get the right equipment will take quite a lot of time and effort. A programable multi effects can create patches quickly and easily and have names to identify the patch (depending on the modal you get). Just my two cents.
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What part of wanting to use my pedals and amps don't you guys get! lol... We play weddings and functions. I want something like the bands use where they have all of their pedals in a rack and then an loop system to control them but I need to be able to create a patchiest that I can scroll through easily.
Oh I see. He needs a program/hardware to trigger individual use of his pedals, controlled by MIDI through a computer.

I'm ignorant to that realm of sound design. I do know that Axe-FX can (or at least should be able to) do that.
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I think you're looking for a Voodoo labs Ground Controller possibly paired up with their Control Switcher depending on your amps.
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Im in a similar situation looking at midi boards that can also control pedals.

Ive been looking at :
1. Diaster Area controllers
2. Musicomlabs controllers
3. Free the tone
4. Gig Rig G2

I have also heard that Liquid foot controllers are good but have not really looked into these much as where I live I cant get them.
Sounds like you cab go two ways, either hybrid midi switchable rig or multifx.

Look up Voodoolabs ground control which is midi floor pedal and rack switching system

There are few others, Bradshaw, custom shops that do these as well.

2nd option is multifx or one of the Line6 amps like Vetta, or the older Vox Valvetronix series with the 100 user patch options, etc.

The second one is much easier to do, say with Boss GT-100 or Line6 HD rig, both have librarian software so you can store and move patches depending of song list.

Probably not sound quite as good but it is a wedding band gig so I doubt anyone will bitch that you're playing a lead and the distortion has a digital artifact that is a little grating...and it'll hide well since it is full band. You can incorporate your midi delays in both types of rig since there are midi controls.
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