Not sure where this thread goes. This seems the rightest.

Although my hands don't leak enough for prescription medicines, or as bad as this guy: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1646695 , I need some tips on keeping my hands dry. After about 15 minutes after washing, my hands sweat up again and it's uncomfortable to play with, and I feel like I'm killing my strings. I don't kill my strings because I wash my hands enough, but I'd like to not wash my hands every 15 minutes.

String cloth? OTC creams/meds? Hand-drying cloth? I could be over-producing hand sweat because I wash my hands so much. I unno.

Any tips are appreciated c:
How about spraying anti-perspirant (spray deodorant) on your hands?

Are you dressing too warmly?
I have similar issue ... but with palm / lower forearm sticking very slightly to the guitar body. That causes timing issues at high speeds, as it throws out the string-crossing movement :-(

Only thing for me is wearing long enough sleeve ... then all slides smoothly, and timing is spot on.

I did try using anti-persiprant sprayed over the area. Didn't work for me.
Wristbands make a big difference. Get the long ones. I also quickly wipe my fretting hand on my pants when I strike an open D chord.
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