I've been playing for about one year now, I currently play a G&L L2500 Tribute, which I think is amazing for the money, but I would now like to buy myself a precision type bass.
My question is, what is the difference between a Fender am. std. and a Fender am. special? and which is better? Or would I get better value for money from a different make? my price limit is around 1200 euros.

Thanks a lot
The differences are usually in the finish and in the pickups. For instance, an American Special has a natural finish on the back of the neck (non shiny), while the Standard has a gloss finish on the back of the neck. The pickups are different in many variations of the instrument.

Also, with the American special, you can also choose for a PJ pickup setup instead of just a P setup.

I would definitely go for a fender if you are looking for a P bass. Others may be good, but nothing beats the original, plus, the price is fair too. What I did notice is that the American Special P-bass is usually around 1000 euros, while the American Standard often goes over your 1200 euro price limit.

I'd say, go to as many stores as possible and try out some basses! You'll know what you want when you feel and hear it, and every bass is different anyways.
As I am a handicapped person, it's not easy for me to get to guitar shops and try instruments out, I have to rely on youtube demos etc. Speaking of which, I just watched a demo of the MTD crb4, which looked and sounded very interesting! Anybody have experience of this bass? Or indeed any other recomendable p style basses?