Hey, folks!

First of all, I hope this is the right place to ask this.

I hope to be clear.

I've been learning Fear of The Dark with my teacher. Right after the inicial Riff, one guitar does the classic Fear of The Dark phrase, and the other just alternates 4th and 5th strings over some chords.

I learned that the chord progression is

D5 - A#5 - C5 - F5/G5
D5 - A#5 - C5 - C5

However, I have downloaded the Tab from UG Archive, which has it like this

D5 - A#5 - C5 - A5/C5
D5 - A#5 - C5 - C5

This one seems more correct, but I'm a little lost here.

Can anybody, please help?

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The one you learned previously is the correct one that I've always used when doing this song as a cover with bands.