Commenting as I listen:

Intro is dark and soothing, I love the atmosphere of it. I like the guitar but I wish there ws more to that first riff than chugging (even tho i love me some chugging riffs). THe second riff is much better and is dissonant AF! The bass is pretty brootal, and I love the delay type effect you use around 1:30. Drums provide for a great groove and a nice rise to that previous riff I enjoyed earlier. It begins to feel a little repetitive after four or so minutes, you probably could have ended it at five instead of chugging again. Overall, pretty solid metal track!

C4C please?
Hey dude,

Okay, your intro was pretty good, though think about playing with texture a little bit more in the beginning. The riffs were introduced well, and the gradual changes make for interesting listening. However, that changes soon because with the atmospheric aspect you dont have any lead guitar besides the riff, which is fair enough, but you gotta make more use of that riff in order to make the piece interesting. By that I mean anything; extending it, shortening it, playing it in other instruments, playing it backwards, literally anything. It just give the piece a sense of continuity if you have the main idea (in this case the riff) appearing throughout. In bits where you dont want a lead bit persay, and you want it to be basically just a soundscape, think dynamics and texture changes. Bottom line with music is excessive repetitiveness is boring; you need some sort of change to keep a listener drawn, and this can be from a small change in drumbeat to removing an instrument to volume changes, literally anything you can think of. If I were you I would think about these things for your next thing and basically just keep writing. Stuff gets better and better with practice, writing music included.

From a production point of view, it was produced pretty well, I can hear the parts all pretty clearly. And you do make use of the riff to tie the piece together. Just gotta take some artistic liberty!

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1666905
Edit: Writing this sort of thing, you might like my track Rainbow Bridge, and any critique would be appreciated
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I love this shit man, need to find some bands like this
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Dark and meaty, inexorably pounding towards glorious oblivion, supremely heavy, portentously ominous. Full of atmosphere and dynamic variation, this song develops like a classical piece, expanding and extrapolating the basic themes into mighty grandeur.
The playing is super tight and crisp, making for a wonderfully clear and articulate modern metal sound. The difficult frenetic rhythms are deftly delineated. The busy arrangement is never cluttered, and the huge sound never becomes stodgy or plodding, but moves its substantial weight steadily forward with an easy style.
Beautifully produced and engineered, this is a masterpiece of black vision and masterful execution. The individual tone of each instrument is perfect. The balance of bass and treble is perfect. The harmonic minor tonality is profoundly moving.
An outstanding instrumental piece, full of sheer potent power, virtuoso musicianship, and consummate composition.

C4C here.