Hey, this is a strange little mashup but I think it came out pretty well. Please give it a listen and feel free to provide comments. I'm especially looking for comments about the mix itself and how its mastered. I'll gladly C4C as well! Link:

I like how the track just starts off at full speed. Parts of it are a little chaotic and at times the lead and the synths sound like they're clashing with each other, but overall it's not too terribly disruptive. The part around 1:20 where it kinda chills out is really nice, I like that a lot. Production-wise, I think the synth section is really solid. It's got a nice, driving bass that's nice and low without being muddy. The lead guitar could use a mid-boost, though, and I think it needs to sit higher in the mix. It sounded very muffled and at times seemed to struggle to cut through and be heard. Other than that, solid work.
Hey man good work, it's an interesting mix of styles that's for sure. More electronica-ish at the beginning but then it mellows out, which is cool. The guitars add a cool aspect to it, so overall it's pretty cool. I was liking it and wondering how I could make vocals fit on it
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You said specifically that you're looking for comments about the mix and mastering, so that's where I'll focus.

The guitar tone doesn't sit too well with the synth: they're both competing with eachother in the same EQ space. The overall mix and mastering sounded good to me, but it could do with a bit more in the low end.

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