My strat is a Tony Smith brand.
It looks like an ibanez. 5 way switch, 1 tone, 1 volume knob..
Dont know much about the brand name,
But its an HSS strat. Suits me just fine,
But lacking the tone that i wanted.
I play on church, sometime classic/ pop/ punk rock, then blues.
My guitar does well in metal though.

The tele's brand is a Chord. Dont know where its from. But when i googled it, it says its from uk.
Well, i didnt try playing the tele yet though...

Im planning to change the tele pickups to sd little 59,
Is it a go? Or not?
Chord is really cheapo I think. I haven't tried them, but daphon pedals are sometimes rebranded as chord here in the UK.

I haven't heard of the brand of your MIJ strat, but if it's MIJ and reasonably recent I would guess it's better. But I could be wrong.

I wouldn't do the swap but that's just me.
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It's a Chord. I'd avoid it.
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MIJ strats are great guitars. Around here they're not too common. I think you're making the right choice keeping it.