Hey, I've been tremolo picking for a year or so now and I'd say im pretty good at it. I'm learning the solo from "Idols and Anchors - Parkway Drive" (Link if you want to listen to it)


Anyways, I got the whole solo down pact in a matter of minutes but theres this one part where you tremolo pick the E string whilst playing high notes on the fretboard. I can get the speed down and the finger timing right but it just doesn't come out clearly. I checked if it was my skill by trying it on a lower string and it worked fine and came out really clear.
By not coming out clearly It kinda sounds a bit muted.
Anyone know this problem and can help?

This also seems to happen on my B string.
It is much more difficult to tremelo pick on the higher strings, in my opinion -- especially the high E. The reason is, that string doesn't have near as much tension so you have to use a very light touch. You also need to choke-up on the pick a bit more to avoid too much pick "catching" on the string. That's why tremelo picking is easier on the larger strings -- the pick is more likely to glide over the string instead of catching.

The strings you're using seem waaaaaaay too light to be playing Parkway Drive -- don't they tune down to the drop A/B range? Anyway, that song sounds like it's in B to me. If you're tuning that low, chances are you barely have any tension on your strings. I'd gauge up if I were you, and that should help with your tremelo picking (and your tone for that matter, if you're tuned that low). I find that the strings you're using (.10-.52s) are not even big enough for E-Standard tuning. I use a .13-62 set for C# Standard/Drop B. I read somewhere that Dick Dale (the father of rock tremelo picking, IMO) used to use huge gauges for E-Standard -- something like my .13-.62 set but tuned to E-standard!

Finally, I'll assume you're talking about that short part at around 3:10? (That's the only tremelo picking I heard on the song -- the earlier solo doesn't have any tremelo picking, that's tapping/legato.)
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Quote by lalabahh
I can get the speed down and the finger timing right but it just doesn't come out clearly.

if it doesn't come out clearly - then you don't actually have the speed down or the finger timing right - because you can't play it clearly. Just common sense.

Personally I would slow down relax and isolate the parts that are not clean. Practice them until they are clean and perfect and eventually you'll have it nailed.

Also, if you're having more trouble with lighter strings on a regular basis... then your focus should probably be there for general exercising too. That needs to be corrected.

good luck hope it helps