Hello everybody

I have a few gigs lined up and I need to buy an amp. The venues that I will be playing in are mainly restaurants.

How much power should I look into? should 30W be enough?

I won't be playing alone, and my style gravitates towards the Jazz side. I need good cleans!

Is there any particular model you'd recommend? Reading around people seem happy with Line 6 spider IV.

Please let me know what you think. Thanks for your help!

Are you playing electric or acoustic?
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ocasionally mic-ing up for my flamenco guitar without a plug.

I used to have a 30w Spider I. It was loud enough.
I'm not a SS expert. Try the Vox Valvetronix amps also if you have a local GC or SA.
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Thanks for your answer.

Could you please define those acronyms? SS, SA, GC? I'm new to this stuff!

Thanks for your help
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Could you please define those acronyms? SS, SA, GC? I'm new to this stuff!
SS refers to solid-state, basically stated, digital amps which don't use vacuum tubes. SA and GC; Sam Ash and Guitar Center, two big name music stores where most people, myself included, by their goodies.

30W should be perfect for your venues. I do not use solid-states, anymore that is, so I can't necessarily recommend one. Line 6 is good, I had one, but after switching to a tube amp, I couldn't return to a solid-state.

Clean settings are decent in solid state amps, so if that's what you're after, then go for it. Keep in mind though that the distortion tends to be significantly more artificial.

Overall though, you could settle for one of them, but I'd actually recommend heading over to a Guitar Center or Sam Ash if you have one near you and testing out some tube combo amps. See if the any of them have the clean sounds you're looking for. Hope this helps
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Stay away from the Spider, they're not very good.
Look for a used Roland Jazz Chorus JC120. JC60's are good too. The big Cubes do a fine JC120 emulation too. The 80W'er, you need the 12" speaker.
If looking around used, keep your eyes open for the HD series Music Man amps. They're a hybrid; SS preamp, tube power amp. Great cleans.
Give us a budget and a location. So many choices for jazz it's silly.
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Thanks so much for your help folks.

I live in Shanghai, so no SA nor GC around I'm affraid. I've been to all the stores I could find. They mainly stock on Roland, Fender, Marshal, Peavey and not a lot more. No sight of Line 6 amps.

I'm looking to spend roughly about the equivalent of $250.

no. People are NOT happy with line 6 spiders. It's very much an amp that people grow out of very quickly once they understand what a good tone is.

If you had more of a budget i'd say go look for a used tube fender combo, but seeing as it's so low, maybe a Cube as cathbard suggested would be good.
If you can get a Peavey Bandit - that would do the job handsomely.
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I play smaller venues a lot. I have a VOX VT 30 amp (actually I have two of them). I set up one programmed for clean sounds and one for classic rock sounds. I take whichever amp is most suitable for the room. 30 watts is pleny of power in places I play. In a bigger room with a bigger PA, I pull out an SM58 and mic it through the PA and monitors. Usually it is not necessary.
Does it have to be solid state? A lower-wattage tube amp would be great for cleans in restaurant-sized venues. You don't want too powerful of a tube amp or you'll have shoddy sound quality at low volumes. Likewise, you don't want too weak of a solid-state or you'll have a shoddy sound quality at any volume.

The VOX VT 20+ or the 40+ is hybrid, it has (a) tube innit and they sound spiffy for the price. I'd get the 40 watt version so that you'll have plenty of volume/headroom before you have to mic it.
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Thanks for your answer.

Could you please define those acronyms? SS, SA, GC? I'm new to this stuff!

SS = Silly Stuff
SA = San Antonio
GC = Gad, Crikey!
I'm a fan of the Vox Valvetronix but if you're looking for pristine clean I'd take a Fender Princeton Chorus over a VT. They're older but still around and very cheap, but they sound pretty good. I think even the Mustang amp sounds better for pristine clean than the Valvetronix. The Roland Jazz Chorus seems to be what your looking for though.
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