Hey all,

I plan on making some really strange sounds with my guitar, specifically a blend of rock and electronic genres, and I plan on accomplishing this through the power of MIDI.

A few plans:

-Get the Livid Instruments Guitar Wing. It's a MIDI controller, with all sorts of cool buttons and pads and faders. Snaps right on the guitar, and is wireless. Can control any midi parameters on a computer, or a MIDI-capable external device. http://lividinstruments.com/products/guitar-wing/

-With the Wing, I plan on controlling parameters in a multi-fx pedal. I recently got the Zoom G5, which I'm loving, but it does not have MIDI-capability. So, I'm going to sell the G5 and probably get the G9.2tt. Thats very similar to the G5, with certain advantages. Including MIDI capability. So, I'll be able to control any effects parameters right from the Wing itself! Does anyone have a better reccomendation?

-At some point, I'd like to integrate the GraphTech Ghost Expander system into my guitar, so I would have actual guitar-to-MIDI note tracking, and could create big EDM/dubstep sounds, blended with guitar signal.

-I'm thinking as far as a processor goes, maybe the Boss GP-10 is a good option, but I don't need the conventional effects. Does anyone know of a good, cheap, MIDI synth type device, that could just take the MIDI note info and create modern weird synth sounds and such?

Advice would be much appreciated, thank you!
I'm not familiar with Zoom FX at all. But most bigger MFX units let you assign FX parameters to expression pedals. I think it's potentially a way cheaper way of getting weird sounds.

Check out the Boss GT100/GT10. It's extremely flexible, anything you can think of, it'll let you do it. And the parameters easily get out of control, you can get some extremely wacky sounds out of it.

I'm not sure the extent of what you want to do, but from what you've written, if you want to use the FX that are in your MFX pedals, I think all of that MIDI gear will be very expensive unnecessities.

Also check out the Synth String effect that Line 6 has (it's a Filter effect). When you pair that with a hard limiter after it to keep it all level, it pretty much completely satisfies whatever EDM-with-a-guitar urge I've ever had.
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Quote by JoshHPMusic
Get the Livid Instruments Guitar Wing.
Mind that it can be a pain in the ass to have to play guitar while editing stuff with relative precision using hands.

You may wanna consider a foot controller, say a behringer FCB1010.
Quote by JoshHPMusic
With the Wing, I plan on controlling parameters in a multi-fx pedal.
I'm not sure about the zoom you're talking about in particular, bu I've seen many fx units that support preset switching and not much more over midi and don't allow parameters changes, so be sure what you're getting can do exactly what you want.
Quote by JoshHPMusic
At some point, I'd like to integrate the GraphTech Ghost Expander system into my guitar, so I would have actual guitar-to-MIDI note tracking
Not a hell of an idea if ya ask me - you'd need a synth capable of producing the sounds you want (and in dubstep you need more than one to get a decent result), you'd need to keep changing a lot of parameters on the fly, which would be hard to do when you're playing, and you'd need to play the kinda parts found in a dubstep song with a guitar, for which you'd need at least 7 strings and a lot of practice if ya ask me.
Quote by JoshHPMusic
I'm thinking as far as a processor goes, maybe the Boss GP-10 is a good option, but I don't need the conventional effects.
The GP-10 is made for guitar, and at that point you would be outputting a MIDI signal, so what do you need a guitar processor for now?
Find a synth you like that has MIDI connectivity.

Or, a couple other solutions.
Either make it simple and get an axe fx to get a result that's not nearly as spectacular as you imagine it to be or find yourself a synth player or two and play with them.
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Guitar Wing is a gizmo designed primarily to work with computer software, so any synths, etc., that you can install on your computer can be set up to work with it. It will also work with some hardware, so if you have a Korg KronosX, for example, you may be able to get the two of them to talk to each other. Thing is, it's not so much a performance enhancer as it is a function controller. It takes the place of a foot pedal controller and works wirelessly. It will start and stop your DAW, start a sequencer, select an effect channel (on a Pod, for example). While you're futzing with the Wing, you're not actually playing the guitar, because it requires the use of your picking hand. I'm not sure that you'll find the Wing as useful as you hope.

A set of Graphtech saddles or a hexaphonic MIDI mike setup will work with a MIDI controller (like the late and lamented Axon 100) for performance (fretboard splits, etc._) as a performance enhancer (if you want piano or breath sounds coming out of your guitar, etc.). Again, those will work with computer software synths and are designed to enhance performance. A good controller, however, is not cheap. A cheap controller is not good.

Guitars designed for MIDI operation like some of the Carvin series (I think the SH-575 might be a good model for you to look at) have some of the important controls built in (channel selectors, etc.) to the guitar itself.

If what you primarily intend is to control parameters on a Multi-FX, the question might be: What about something like the Pod HD500X or the Pod HD and a foot controller (which will store parameters and which will also store and pass MIDI commands) is missing?
I did some digging, and it turns out you can in fact use MIDI in on the G9.2tt to control any parameters assigned to one of the (3) expression-type controls on the G9.2tt, as well as turning stuff on and off. Perfect!

IMO, the G9.2tt is the best thing anywhere near the price, for my needs. And at this point I'm pretty certain that the Guitar Wing will be able to sufficiently control my effects, and open up some artistic possibilities.

Either way, I could totally just go G9.2tt FX loop out into my interface/Macbook Pro, through DAW effects or instruments that I can control with the Wing, and back out into the G9.2tt FX loop.

How's that sound?
Well I think I can wait on finding a guitar synth for a while. For now, I'm just going to use the Livid Guitar Wing to control a Multi Effects pedal. I originally bought the Zoom G5, but I'm now selling it because it doesn't have MIDI capability. Otherwise, it sounds really great. If anyone wants to buy it, it's on eBay!: http://www.ebay.com/itm/121547520946...84.m1555.l2649

I said I was going to go for the G9.2tt, but I've since been looking at the Boss GT-10. More capability, much better user interface, and great effects from what I've heard. Oh, and I know the amp modeling sucks in that, but I only need effects. Anybody used the GT-10?

The one thing I'm still not sure about is how I will connect the USB dongle from the Guitar Wing into the 5 pin MIDI in of the GT-10. They say I can use the Kenton MIDI USB Host, or the iConnectMIDI4+, but both are over $100, which seems crazy for a simple converter. Is there anything out there that can do this for less $?

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