Hello, I have been trying to figure out how to play the song " Meridian" by topaz (check it out on youtube). it's a pretty obscure song so guitar tabs do not exist. i only managed to somewhat get a similar sound to the song but not really. The guitar sounds very simple it's just that i can't figure out the notes being played, i am not great at deciphering notes by ear. so far i have got this, it's only one part of the song and my tab still sounds wrong

starting at 00:23 seconds in the song this is what i figured out


It doesn't sound right though, could anybody who actually knows how to tab by ear, with relative or perfect pitch help me out. I am terrible at this :s I cannot figure out any other part of the song either,: it's driving me nuts
Thank you.
The chord progression is Cmaj7-Gmaj7. And it's basically just arpeggios. I think you've got everything else pretty much right except for the last 6 notes. They should be F# D and B (the maj7, 5th and third of the Gmaj7 chord).

It really helps if you figure out the chords first. Because the song is basically just arpeggios.
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