I have a pretty good electronics background, mainly from working on cars and planes, and I see this amp as a cool project to work on. From what I was told, it has a blown speaker and the input jack has collapsed and fallen into the amp. Guy also said that there's something wrong with the circuit board(which I don't buy). Anyways, I have a multimeter, vicegrips, wire strippers/cutters, and screwdrivers of all types. The amp powers on and off just fine.

I'm not sure where to begin though, a google search just pulls up schematics, but the amp is built like Fort Knox so I can't even get inside that easily to poke around! What's a good first move to tackle this?
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I'm not sure what you mean by collapsed input jack. It should be screwed into place. If it just fell in, you just have to open up the amp and put it back. If the jack is somehow broken then you only have to solder two wires onto a new jack. A new speaker would also only require soldering two wires onto a new speaker. Your speaker broke for a reason, though, and that may mean something on the circuit board is broken. That's about all I can tell you. You can take a chance on a new speaker or have someone else fix it.
Preferably you could just coax the jack to pop back out and screw it back into place without having to open up the amp. If you open the amp, make sure you drain the stored voltages if it isn't self draining. There are some guides on how to do that safely around the interwebs.

What did he say was wrong with the circuit board? If you have proper electronics experience, you should be able to find what needs to be done yourself.

If the speaker is blown, just replace it with a speaker the same size/ohms. You should be able to open up the back n' such. I would test the speaker with a battery first before you buy a new one.
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