Well hi there ! I'm new to this forum !!! Just wondering should I hide my gender on YouTube , reasons .... Even though I'm 16 I still am not interested in sex and I've seen lots of sexual comments towards females which I would feel uncomfatable ( yeah I have mental issues don't laugh!) , also people may overrate my YouTube videos and that leads to loads of men giving hate comments , which I have seen , I just want to play and not have people hate me , I mean do you think I could hide my gender , I can easily hide in a baggy top and lean forward so you can't see my ... Bewbs , and just not point the camera at my face , yeah my face is the most kawaii give away , it's like big eyes and pouty lips and baby nose , the defenition of feminine , I just want to have fun and not be overrated then hated , then perves at lol , do you think I should hide my gender or just not bother putting videos on YouTube , or just show im a girl , I play bass btw , what would you do girls or guys if you were a girl in a parallel universe what would you do ? Thanks
Well do you care for hating comments?
If not then do your thing and don't worry about them.

If you do then get over them, you might well say it's part of growing up to cope with critiques, regardless of their constructiveness.
Name's Luca.

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you're going to need to learn to deal with negative comments. Don't flaunt your looks but don't run away from them
I wouldn't bother trying to hide your looks - if you're really feminine people could probably guess by the size of your hands anyway. Just post a normal video and don't worry about it. A lot of people - both guys and girls - have the camera aimed at the guitar or bass and their face doesn't show. You may get some odd comments but if you're going to post stuff on Youtube, you've got to be able to ignore that junk.

Of course you could just disable comments on your videos if you're really worried about it.
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Spambot is right. I post stuff on YouTube and no matter what the trolls will find you. Just keep ignoring the bad comments and they won't come back after awhile. Just make sure that what you post has something that you are proud of or will interest somebody even a small group and don't worry about it.