A few months ago, I had to step away for here as I had some sudden family issues that had suddenly come center stage in my life, namely my mother had been diagnosed with cancer, and it had a rapid and terrible journey, to where she passed away shortly before Christmas.

I am now just making my way back here, and I'll be honest, my hearts not fully in this yet. But I still will try to help where I can. I'm sorry I missed JP's wonderful collaboration projects, but I'm sure there will be others. For those who I disappeared on without notice or warning, I apologize.


Condolences on your recent tragedy and good to see you back!

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Hey Sean,

I think I speak for everyone when I say welcome back, and condolences for your loss. If you need anything let us know.
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Sorry to hear that, that's awful
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My condolences Sean, i hope you get back on your feet as soon and as painless as possible. I lost a close friend to cancer a few years ago, when we were still teenagers, i can't imagine the loss of a family member.

Good to see you back though, it becomes very apparent when one of the regulars are gone.
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Welcome back. I'm sorry to hear about the circumstances that lead to your absence. Sometimes words are inadequate.

But then sometimes after stuff like that you crave some kind of normality.
So maybe what you need from me is something like...welcome back Sean
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I'm having a difficult time formulating a response. Usually I find it easier to talk on the internet than in real life, but in this thread I'm finding the opposite to be true. Like 20T said, I feel like text isn't enough in these situations. Anyways, I'm glad you're back.