Hey, I have a Squier SE-100 that I got in a beginner package about 10 years ago and I haven't touched it in ages. I decided that I'm going to modify it so it can be at least a viable guitar for gigging. I've never modified a guitar before, but I'm under the impression that changing the pickups and neck is the best way to make a major improvement (but once again, I'm very new at this so I don't really know.)

All I'm saying is that I really don't know where to start and could use some advice. I don't know what to look for in necks and pickups. I don't know if I should get three of the same kind of pickups or try to get three different ones. I'm hoping that I can get some Pete Townsend and Mick Ronson kind of tones out this guitar, but I don't know what to look for. Can anyone please give me some advice or at least point me to some helpful links? It'd be much appreciated.
if the guitar sounds good go for it as you've had it for a while. I hate when people swap pickups on guitars the second they get them or a week after blaming poor sound quality in just the pickups.

anyways.. you've got a bunch of options
everyone is going to say seymour duncan or dimarzio but here's some affordable options

GFS pickups - lots of different varieties

double rail pickups on ebay aren't bad. They are very loud like humbuckers and cancel hum and can coiltap to single coil tones. They are 6$ american each with free shipping. The bridge pickup is 12k , the neck positions about 9k if we're going by just resistance. The larger the resistance usually the louder the pickup is what people think.

My advice if you've got a bit of money to burn is find what the guitar is missing sound wise and go from there. My suggestion is a 4 wire pickup so it cancels hum not like the classic single coils.

wiring wise
here's my schematic I use. There is a push pull in it but you can skip that. That is just to turn all 3 pickups on or the neck/bridge like David Gilmour of pink floyd does. This is a strat diagram I wish fender would do as I find strat wiring to be impractical. Your volume and selector remain the same. You have the feel of a strat still but a master 2 band EQ controls to shape each pickup. This is very cheap to do if you skip the push pull pot.

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