Im looking into electrical technologies music projects for a senior project in college. Basically just looking for ideas. However, I cant just do something like "build a pedal" because its more on the electronic side of the spectrum rather than electrical.

Does anything one have any ideas with like, renewable energy and music, or basically anything. Super vague I know but whatever.
Build a sustainable environment powered by guitarists windmilling. #bringbackwindmilling

4srs: Give us some more information about your interest and strengths in electrical thingies so we can come up with ideas.
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Is it possible you could build a simple analogue synth??

I'm sorry but I don't understand the difference between electronic and electrical :p
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Build a light organ.

If it's analogue, get an audio feed through a few filters, into a transistor amp and out to LEDs.

If it has to be digital, program some filters onto a microcontroller and use the digital outputs to turn on the LEDs.
How about a wah pedal that is light dependent? It runs off solar energy and covering the panel changes the sound. A bit gimicky but...

Honestly, I'm doing my masters in electronic & electrical engineering now and I don't really know the difference between electrical and electronic. #learn2blag
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