How can i scream like pg. 99, city of caterpillar, funeral diner, pianos become the teeth etc. like what techinque?
i personally prefer the latter because the tone to me is better and thats what im aiming for, **** my throat lol, but i cant get that sound of just screaming my throat out
What you need is to get some overtones going to complement the meat of the screams (literally, the meat from your future vocal cords).

That's why I suggested the fry "filter." All it is is a buzzing in the back of your throat between where your uvula sits and about the elevation of your top front teeth. This will give you a larger more "screamy" sound while you still retain the throaty roar of your dying mucous membranes :P.

So do some exercises and focus on getting vibration back there and it should help. I use Vendara's Chewbacca exercises.

And then do as Deadsmileyface says and scream as loud as possible.

Caveat- I don't endorse beating the crap out of your throat but whatever.