So, this has been a while... I started working on it shortly after the release of Iconoclast by Symphony X (hence the name) and went back to it time and again adding odd bits - it certainly hasn't been the easiest writing process! I really wanted to practise some odd time sigs as well as having more of a groove feel with some of the riffs - hopefully that's come off. It's certainly my most adventurous song yet, and whilst I think there's still a bit more fine-tuning to do, I'd quite like to see what others make of it.

It clocks in at a fun 17 and a half minutes, but hopefully they're enjoyable ones! As ever, spot the influences throughout

Crit for crit as usual
man this is really polished work. i played it with my headphones on while reading something on the internet and i got really sucked into it. (i even forgot i was listening to a gp file )
it flows really great and the melodies and harmonies are fantastic, though in my opinion you could get the instrumental section a bit "crazier" and less predictable. (dont get me wrong, its just a matter of personal taste, the part is great)
Thanks mate, really appreciate it! I wasn't sure with the instrumental - I didn't want to rip of DT or BTBAM and was keen to keep it 'musical'. I ended up with about 600 more bars of ideas (over the last two years!) that either didn't make it or that I couldn't work in, so there's certainly potential! Do you have anything you want C4C?