Hey so I am planning an ambitious first guitar build for myself and long list short its going to be a multiscale 7 string and I don't want to spend a few grand on pickups that do all the bells and whistles I want. So I have chosen to built the pickups as well.
So I need the pickups to be able to coil tap and I would like to be able to choose either side of the pickup as well as the whole thing.
My over all wiring plan (with my little experience with electronics) is to i guess have a 3 way switch to each pickup and another 3 way to navigate between the pickups themselves. 1 volume and 1 tone pot. but i would also like to have a piezo pickup under the bridge. I also have little knowledge of those and their wiring capabilities. Can i wire a volume to it and just have it go out the same jack and just use my volumes to switch between the piezo and the other pickups?
So my main questions again are
-how to build a humbucking pickup
-make said pickup coil tap-able on both coils
-what would be the best way to wire in all the switches and knobs for the pickups and the piezo all out one jack.
Any advice is appreciated!
-guitar to be made with a 5 piece neck of birds eye maple, purple heart, and black wood. neck through with a 15 ish degree twist like torzals. purple heart body wings with cocobolo tops. ebony fret board 25.5 -28 inch scale length.
thanks agian!
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Unless there is a company that makes scatter wound 7 string humbuckers that are slanted to about a 45 degree angle so that they are actually at the bridge position on all the strings for about 200 bucks i think i'm going to make my own. The Multi-scale set up makes the low b and the high e sit at very different spots on the bridge, and if i were to just put a regular pickup in (that taps like id like) id be getting a muddy tone from the low strings. Ill do more research on it though