Does anyone know a good EU-based online store that sells Hiscox Pro II cases for Les Paul guitars? Google search doesn't result in many options.
I will, but from my experience, most dealers listed on websites don't even list any items they're supposedly dealing.
I know what you mean, but it IS a starting point.

Are you open to considering other case makers' stuff? Anvil is pricey, but very good...


Gator is kind of my default:

I have one guitar in a a Roadrunner, and so far, so good!
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Thanks for suggestions, guys, but I'm sold on Hiscox and I'm determined to go for it

I've checked out some stores in the dealer list and it's as expected... But there's still a huge number of UK dealers left to check!
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But there's still a huge number of UK dealers left to check!

You only need one that will ship it Good luck
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Just search "hiscox pro ii e-guitar" on Google and a few come up

Edit: another one found on the biggest online shop in the uk, did you even look?


Yes, I tried that search, even tried using the model number. I saw that Gak webpage and it costs almost the third of the price of the item to ship it. They don't offer mortal-man-affordable shipping options, only premium DHL/Fedex type of deal.

In the end, I had to settle for a Standard case from Absolute Music that shipped it by Fedex for about half the price Gak charges.