I am selling a guitar That worth £1000.00p Now So far I have it up for collect but I am thinking about using a delivery like ups , The guitar has a hard case but I am wondering should I still use card board and package it more , Does anyone recommend sending it by postage is it safe ? does anyone have experience in sending guitars by post that could advise me on what is best ?
Put the guitar in the hard case and put the whole thing in a cardboard box not to scratch the hard case, possibly with some styrofoam between the box and the hard case.

I have had a guitar shipped to me this way and it came out of the box just fine.
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Guitars are shipped to stores all the time via post, so I'm sure you will be fine. Pour some packing peanuts (whatever they are called) in the bottom of a box, set the case in the box, then surround the case in them. Most I've had shipped where similarly and never a problem.
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If it's in the hard case I'd just take Spambot_2's advice of the case in a cardboard box just for a little more protection
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