Here are the lyrics to my band's debut single, written by me and the other guitarist in the band!


Sun Stoned
by Grazer

Feel the ride
Nod as the warm rays flow wide
High with the moon
Stir up the breeze
Go and soak the light
Yesterday is gone
As the air as the arrows land

Soaked in yesterday
You gotta wash it away
These remnants you’ve been holding on
Well yesterday is gone
The only one to hold you since is
As the air as the arrow lands
... it’s in the space that's gone
Holding on to supernova remnants

Circle to the one, turn to the eight
Circle to the one, turn to the eight

The circle is burning...
the circle is blazing


Essentially it's about moving past a captivation of some sort that becomes all-too all-encompassing in your life.

If you'd like to hear it in context you can check out our bandcamp!