My new setup includes: An electro acoustic guitar, subzero 25w amp, loop pedal, mic, novotion mininova synth, mixer.
I am on a complete budget for recording my material but want to make it as organic and raw as possible. What would be the cheapest way for me to record while keeping quality in the overall sound. I’m looking for what DAW to use (i will be beatboxing for drums btw), and how to get the sound from amp through to computer etc.
Thank you, i look forward to discussing with you.

You need to read the stickies. There are lots of cheap options there.
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Get a cheap audio interface - focusrite etc. , a microphone ( sure sm57,sm58) and get Reaper as a daw ( it's the best value by far ).
Thanks for this.....so how would this all be setup. I want my electro acoustic to be looped along with my mic (vocals) and synth. So i will have all of those going into the alto zephyr mixer zmx862 first, and then into the looper. Then from the looper would that then go into the audio interface then the computer??????

Please advise, or from the looper, into the amp, into the audio interface, computer....

i'm not too sure how it will all setup, if you can help that would be great!!!!