Hello and happy new year everyone!

I decided to upload a track I recorded some time ago. It's a slightly proggy instrumental piece drawing inspiration from jazz and "fusion". This was my attempt at scaling down the number of tracks and using the tracks I have "wisely". Quality over quantity Maybe I'll make this part of a flowing, EP like collection of songs when I find the time. I'd really like to make something like that.


Tell me what you think and please go ahead and post your songs. I'll check them as soon as possible!

Hey man,

Very Pink Floyd. You make use of a main idea, repeating it and stuff which is great, but you don't really develop it beyond a bit of sequencing. If I were you I would develop the main idea more instead of introducing a second one so soon. Development, repetition in other instruments, lengthening, shortening, playing backwards repeating and have the texture change, it all can work and make the song more interesting. You make use of the rhythm instruments pretty well, try to add some more interesting parts in the background e.g. counter melodies to add interest.

Produced very well, playing good, overall good track. A bit more compositional technique would go a long way but this is by no means a bad track. Keep it up.

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Thank you for your feedback!

Thanks for helpful advice. I guess what I'm lacking is details and variation in parts. I actually hesitated to make the change between parts as it is now but I let it go and moved on to other things. This kind of feedback helps me to develop myself as a composer and learn!