Hi everybody,

I just bought a used Cort guitar and I can't find any model information only a serial code which makes me think its a guitar from before 2000 because Cort used another serial numbering technique of which the first two numbers were the year of production in 2000 and mine's 9046658.

It looks to me that it is some kind of soloist-like body but i don't seem to find a lot of guitars like it.

I put the photos in the spoiler cause they are a bit on the large side.

I'd like to put a new pickguard in because its yellowed with age or maybe nicotine I dont know and i dont know how to find this particular pickguard.

Has anyone seen a guitar like this? does anyone know what guitar it might be based on? Have i found a treasure that might be worth like a million dollars i'd like to know

First post on this forum so be gentle
Thanks in advance!
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1990 Offset Strat style?
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Thx for your reply it does look a bit like that but aren't the horns really long for an offset strat? and I didn't even knew an offset strat existed interesting.
and its not 1990 because they only started using the year in te serial numbers since 2000.
Looks just like a G210 except for the headstock. Might have been an earlier model.

The G210 is a fairly cheap beginner guitar, decent but not worth a lot. The body shape to me just seems like a slightly funkier strat shape, I'm not sure it's based on anything more than that. The pickguard and the longer horn are sort of music-man looking, but again I think it's just another slight modification on the strat body shape, not necessarily a copy or direct derivative of anything beyond that.
On google images theres a picture of one from 2000 in a catalogue but the link isn't so much dead as it freezes up and doesn't display the whole page.
thx for the replies!
Sorry i couldn't get back to you earlier but i am in the middle of my exams
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Looks like it is part of the Cort Sterling series. That should get you one the right track. Best guess right now is S400 model from 98-00.


and here is another link


alriiight!! that's just the one thank you

now i have to find a new pickguard for it but i'm sure i'll figure that out thanks everyone!
update: I sent a message to the facebookpage of Cort and to my surprise i actually got an answer they said it is an s500 from 1999 xD