Poll: Does this baseball player's body look like a woman's?
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View poll results: Does this baseball player's body look like a woman's?
8 53%
7 47%
Voters: 15.
If so, which characteristics of his body look feminine?




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it's really just how his thighs taper so drastically.

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you've been staring at his ass and you're afraid you liked it too much right?
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Don't think I'd go for a woman with a chest and shoulders like that.
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I didn't know Nicki Minaj played baseball.
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No, he's just wearing pants that are a little bit too tight. A lot of baseball players have a big ass, it usually means they are good at using their lower body when they swing the bat and generally have more power. Look at pictures of a young Ken Griffey Junior, even when he was a skinny kid he still had the booty, and he was a much more powerful hitter than you might expect from someone of his size.
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No. Lots of baseball players, especially catchers, have large glutes due to the fact that they need a powerful lower body to perform well at their position.