Hi, I am an electric guitar newbie here. Well, not exactly a total beginner , somewhere between beginner and inter level. I didn't practise my guitar consistently and I even stopped learning altogether for many years. Recently, I started picking up acoustic guitar and the idea of playing electric guitar struck me again and so I am again finding myself doodling with my rusty electric guitar.

The thing is, I am still stuck at my choice of songs to learn and play. I am still dreaming of playing RCHP's By the Way, Metallica's Memory Remains, Scorpion's songs, CCR's songs and other old school rock. Am I outdated? I find it embarrassing to suggest to play those songs in a band. Is there something wrong with me? Do most band nowadays play modern rock ?
You shouldn't be embarrassed at all! If someone enjoys it, it can't be outdated can it? Play what you want to play. If you're in a band situation, ask to do some songs you want to do. nothing like playing a couple of older songs during a set of more current songs.