I am a mature student with the Open University, I have been studying for my BSc degree in IT for 7 years and 2015 is the year I start my dissertation. Like you I have an interest in playing guitar, that interest has been with me for more than 30 years but I would not classify myself as a competent player and my repertoire is zero.

We have no excuses for not having access to material these days, it is everywhere in fact we could be suffering from information overload.

My hypothesis is that players reach a certain level and then stagnate, even with all the material that is available to them they never progress any further, why is that and more importantly what can we do about it?

My dissertation will involve the design of a media rich interactive Wiki where guitarists can mentor each other, it will take the concept of "the forum" like this forum one step further.

My skills that will be tested are Interactive Design (not programming) , I will produce conceptual designs based on usability and user experience criteria and core interactive design principles.

To achieve this I need help, I am looking for volunteers to take part in surveys, focus group discussions to gather data for my project.

It is too early in the project lifecycle to provide much detail with regards to time an effort required but I do not expect it to take more than 8 hours of your time during the next six months.

What is in it for me , you may well ask !

Well I can't promise anything but I am guessing that at the end of the process you may have a better understanding of why you have reached hiatus in your guitar journey and have better idea of what you may be able to do about it.

Anyone who is interested in joining my research project can email me directly at john@johncharnock.net

Many thanks for your support

If you're trying to pinpoint a cause of stagnation, one thing you can't overlook is diminishing returns.

The better you get at anything, the harder it is to continue to get better. To continue to improve steadily and noticeably, you actually need to constantly be reevaluating your training regimen and stepping your game up.

The practice habits that gave you your first chords and songs will not be the same habits that give you mastery.

Just 2 cents from a teacher who sees a lot of people stagnate. Sounds like a good project though, feel free to keep us updated with the process and results.
"There are two styles of music. Good music and bad music." -Duke Ellington

"If you really think about it, the guitar is a pointless instrument." - Robert Fripp

I have scoped my objectives here


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