Just changed p'ups in my Ltd H-1001. When i bought it had ibanez inf1/inf2 pickups in it for some strange reason, i had a luthier drill a ground for those since EMGs dont require one as well as wire a split.

I recently swapped them out for a set of duncans. I soldered the wires where the old ibanez ones were and it seemed to work as it should with no more buzzing or feedback than is normal, but whenever my hand touches the pickup height adjustment screw i get horrible buzzing similar to when you touch the end of the lead when the gain is all the way up. This is super annoying and makes palm muting quite difficult.

What have i done wrong? any help appreciated
The pickups legs/height adjustment screws may have squished and possibly punctured the cable running off of it when it was put in the cavity, and is now causing some kind of short.
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From the looks of it, its the base of the pickup that is causing the buzzing, both screws on both pickups cause this buzzing.

Im stumped, if i cant work it out i might have to take it to my luthier
Did you pop the pup out of the pup cavity to see if the cable is damaged from what I mentioned as a possibility? If the screw or leg of the pup punctured the cable causing a short, it's going to effect both screws since they are both attached to the metal baseplate. If you have it wired and grounded properly, this is the only thing I can think of that may cause this issue. I'v never encountered this issue myself, so I can't really give you a definite answer of what your problem is, I can only guess.
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The buzz is on both pickups and i doubt i managed to damage both of the cables haha

I'm really not sure either... I mean the buzz i am getting is exactly the same horrible noise you get when you hold the end of your lead but only when you touch the screws. Is it normal for the base of a humbucker to buzz like that?
What kind of monster would put INF pickups in a higher end LTD

As long as it isn't a screech you get when the pickups wax is removed. If this is the case you'd need to get the pickups "re-potted"

If you've got some other pickups laying around try them out and see if there is a difference. My second suggestion is it may be a grounding issue. I worked on a tele this week and the grounding issue I had to solve was on the input jack the sleeve and tip were mixed up.

for the maximum amount of clarity using passive pickups remember to insulate the guitar in copper tape and ground at each humbucker routing then make the wire go up towards the volume pots ground.
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