I ran across a Evel Robot C30,18w/30w,1x12' tube combo amp..looks interesting..but I do not know anything about them or anyone who has used/owned one! Whats Your opinion on this amp? Play or Pass?? All info is helpful. Thanks
It's an amp designed/endorsed/has something to do with a chap called Phil X. He's a session musician, he goes on the road with Bon Jovi and other artists and stuff >.>

IIRC, it's based off an old amp called the Tonemaster, but the Evil Robot sounds a bit more modern really. If you check out the later Fretted Americana videos on YouTube, it'll give you an idea of what it will sound like

EDIT: this model is the PCB constructed one, not the handwired one but if I'm being honest, there won't be a huge drastic change in tone.


This website should have more info if you need it!
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