First of all I would like to thank you for any help
ok I usually play G shape capo 9 which I think is E anyway I just wondered if there is an easier way to tune it as on an acoustic there's very little room at the 9th fret
if I tuned to D tuning instead of the norm if I play a G with no capo would that be D and if I put a capo on the 2nd fret would that be E...or am I confusing myself?? I think I may have it wrong or is it C tuning lol ?? thanks
Learn the notes of your guitar on every string at every fret. Playing an open G chord without a capo in standard tuning will give you G chord, tuning down a step will give you an F chord, having a capo at fret 2 would give you an A chord. Tuning down one and a half steps would give you an E but a full octave lower than the one you're looking for and won't sound nice at all.

Different ways of playing an Emajor with a capo and open chord shapes:
Capo 2, D shape
Capo 4, C shape
Capo 7, A shape
Capo 9, G shape

Learn the caged system and all this will be clear.