Hey everyone!

Right now I'm using an Ibanez GRG121EX guitar, with Ernie Ball regular slinky 9's or 10's. I've only been playing since about June 2014. Anyways, I have a question, with the strings I'm using(9's or 10's) tuned to D standard, will I mess up my guitars intonation if I tune back up to E standard? I have never tuned my guitar below D standard, btw. I'm a little worried that it'll bow the neck or something, and I'lol have to pay to get it fixed, since I don't want to fiddle with the truss rod. I would like an answer before I tuned back up to E standard and find out for myself, thanks!
You may have a little more relief in the neck, but not much. As far as intonation, that's something you can fix yourself if needed. Go read the setup thread. Just go for it.
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Going back to standard tuning shouldn't cause any headaches, I've done it dozens of times with no problems at all, and never noticed any intonation issues. Go ahead and check the intonation, it's not hard to fine tune it if you need to, but I've never had to change anything. It also should make very little difference to the neck relief. I don't think you'll have to make any adjustments, check intonation but it should be ok.
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