Finally got around to changing the strings on my Yamaha A1R I've had about 6 months. I bought it used and IDK what strings were on it(they felt coated) and the guitar had a very dark and a little bit dull sound which I actually liked. I put some cleartones on it and WOW, what a difference! They definitely livened it up and this guitar sounds amazing now. I can't believe the difference a set of strings makes. I've found the perfect string companion for this guitar. I got a free t-shirt with a 2 pack to boot! Gonna have to say goodbye to d'addario.
On a down note, I discovered a hairline crack across the bridge but the pins are still in there secure so it isn't affecting anything yet. Another guitar repair, arrgghh. I think this one I should be able to do myself.

The frets are worn pretty good too.