The drummer in my current band also has his own Jungle/Drum & Bass project, I recorded a guitar line to go over one of his songs using a computer mic stuck in front of a Fender amp he had to hand, I personally think considering the set up that it's quite a result, let me know what you think and I'll comment back on something of yours when I'm up and about tomorrow. Enjoy.


I'm also providing a link for our band project, the songs featured on there are just recordings from rehearsals done with a Tascam. We're currently in the process of mastering studio recordings. "Pissing Jimi" is a jam I'm not so fond of so grab a listen of the other tracks instead.


And I suppose whilst I'm here I'll plug my solo project too, not that it's much to brag about... bad gear, bad producer, bad timing.*


*5 year old poorly treated £200 Jackson, producer was mostly experienced in and equipped for Grime (UK ghetto culture hip hop/rap) recording, insisting on DI as he couldn't mic my amp to record the tone as it sounded out of the amp (dafuq?!) and insisted on MIDI drums (okay, understandable), but steadfastly refused me to record live bass in favour of recording more songs with the time given, when it was always more important to me to create the sound I wanted. It was also recorded at British winter time in a cold ass room with little time for warming up. So, massively unhappy with the end result but the ideas are there. I'm also considering re composing it since I've learned and improved. Sorry about the essay, that producer has given me some sort of deep-seated complex. :P
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