I checked the pup buying guide but it looks like that thread is dead. I did read the OPs though.

I have a Washburn X-30 that I would like to upgrade. The current stock headhunter pups are pretty flat and versatile, but I would like something with more output, responsiveness, and punch. But not too much so :p The pups are both humbuckers, and the wiring uses coil tap. I don't really use that coil tap function, but I dunno how all that works so coil-tap compatibility in some way would be beneficial. I play Church worship music, alternative, post-rock, ambience, etc. The amp I currently have is an older model Valveking with a WGS Retro 30 speaker.

Any suggestions? I'm thinking something Seymour Duncan. I was looking at the Pearly Gates, but they're pushing $100 each :/ So nothing too expensive please, unless I wouldn't be satisfied. No actives plz. Black casing would match my guitar best.

Thanks c:
I'd go with Seymour Duncan Hot Rodded set or check out some guitar fetish sets for budget pickups there very nice.
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just make sure they're 4 conductor versions, that should work with the coil splitting.

as RJH11 says, the single duncans might be over budget but if you'd be ok with one of the sets that might drop the price enough to be viable (EDIT: They're $131 on MF's website- it doesn't say if they're 4 conductor, though; I suspect they probably are, but you'd want to check before buying). If you don't need a hot neck pickup (most people don't, since most people usually use the bridge pickup for the heavy stuff, but that's not to say you're necessarily the same) the hot rodded set he mentioned is probably a good call from what you said.

i'm not sure how hot your stock pickups are, though But I'm guessing the JB is probably at least a little hotter (but I could be wrong).
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Maybe a Jazz/JB set?
The are good for these nice cleans and that bite that the JB has.
OR a 59' in the bridge and something else in the neck?

Oh, I know, Dimarzio X2n in both(jk)
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