The beautiful echoey guitars lead into a light, whimsical vocal, full of dreamy desire.
The song opens out into a bright, jangly paean, with its joyous jubilee still flavoured with a wistful musing. The layered guitars create an appealing variegation. The whole band play together with purpose and conviction.
I would suggest that this piece is overlong, and it would be better served by a more economical arrangement, with the sections swiftly changing into each other and less procrastination on the linking sections.
The engineering is a little bit unclear, a bit cluttered, but this is fine for a demo recording. The vocals need to be a bit higher in the mix, and more diligence taken on the pitching.
However, overall the singing is competent, and well suited to this sound. There are some lovely ideas here, and a gentle charm to this catchy, commercial sounding music. Tighter arrangements and punchier production will bring out these alluring qualities.
A resplendent, summery, effervescent song, full of optimism and youthful energy, that reminds me of the Stone Roses at their best.

C4C here if you dare!
Echo/delay guitar notes at the start are nice and set the scene that goes into a bit more crunch and a bit of chime with the guitars. Vocals suit the song and stay true to pitch. Could've been a bit clearer in the mix though to pick out all the words.
The song acheives the airy indie-ish rock sound I'm sure that was the aim. I did feel perhaps it was a bit too long, like this should be your stadium version and for the EP/album had something shorter. Maybe that's just my commercial point of view.

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Hey man,

To be honest I have no criticism. As far as composition goes it works. It can be called repetitive, but I feel like it works. This is a piece which depends heavily on vocals and the story, as in alot of repetition in the instrument parts and most of the development occurs in the lyrics. This is effective, but only to people who are rather big fans of this kind of music. It wouldnt really wow or greatly impress someone who doesnt have much time for alternative rock, and now that youve pretty much nailed appealing to a particular audience, you should go for writing something thatll impress regardless of whether not people actually take pleasure in the piece, if you get what I mean. As in, undeniable musical validity. In this case, an example could be broadening of your tonal palette, instead of the same tones and instruments and chord progressions for the most part of the song. More development, maybe a couple of (calculated) risks.

At the length that it is at, and with the elements that it incorporates, it sits very well as a long, story-telling alternative song. But you can hear that that where something different happens, the energy of the song increases and the feeling of direction is stronger, like where the texture thins at the very end with the solo guitar. Or when towards the beginning where the main sort of progression begins. Its very difficult to do, but its a matter of experimentation and branching out, literally expanding your mind to every possible direction the song could go in, and then narrowing down to ones which make sense in the context, narrowing further to what you like or think would sound better, etc. Its a skill which can only be learned by writing more and more music, but its a great one to have, and one I myself hope to have with more time XD

Overall, good track. Maybe a little long but I personally think it works. tl;dr try to make your music appeal to people beyond just the genre's audience through greater musical validity. Summing it up like that doesnt give it justice but you know what I mean.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1666905
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Guitars sound great and like that it starts off sparse. It built up my anticipation for when the rest of the band kicks in (which proves worth the wait). I'm listening mostly to the instruments but there have been a couple lyrics that stuck out to me because they seemed a bit cliche :| That this is the first single interests me in the grand scope of your album. 6:49 is pretty long for a single and I'm guessing if you have at least 12 songs they arent all this long. Song 12 is later than one might expect to get to the first single too. These are just observations though, not judgments. Started the song back over and that transition when the drums come in really is a great moment. This song to me has a sentimental vibe to it. The break downs such as ~3:30 do well to pace a track of this length. It would be easy to lose interest if it stayed at the same level throughout. I'd sink my teeth into the mix more but the headphones I'm stuck with at the moment arent the best. That said, it sounds balanced to me so perhaps no need to nit pick anyway. Having the song drop off and be left sparse with just guitar in the end gives it a good full circle/closure feel.

Here's a link to my thread if you'd like to C4C
Thanks everyone for the feedback so far! The main thing I've been hearing is that it's too long, especially for a lead single. We decided to choose this because we thought it had a good blend of pop and rock while most of our songs have a harder edge to them and aren't as accessible to the everyday listener. We also have a shorter version that we'll be releasing if you're interested in listening to it:


We really appreciate the feedback and have left feedback on your tracks as well.
im really liking it. The vocals are good for the song. It sounds a lot like something off Jimmy Eat World's Clarity album, and I grew up on that band so maybe that's why this song resonates so much with me?

The song structure is good. It goes on and doesn't do anything jarring which is perfect for this style. I enjoyed it thoroughly.
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Man, everything sounds great. Very mellow and relaxed, with a dreamy and lucid atmosphere that I can picture listening to on the best road trip of my life. Overall, great work.
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The echo of the guitar at the beginning and end was done very well, not too much, and not too little. The vocals fit the song extremely well and the vibe is very mellow.The mixing of all the tracks sounds very clear and it all blends well. The guitar work throughout is very precise and clean and I enjoyed the song a lot!

C4C?: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1667607
This song makes me want just chill. I really like it! Some might say it's too long, but it suits the song so why not. Vocals fit nicely I say. Mix is good as far as I can tell
I love the echoing, dreamy intro. The vocals are nice and low in the mix during the intro section, letting the rest of the instruments have their place in the song. Drum production sounds great, as does the guitar production. I like the way that you've made the sound nice and full with good technique and songwriting rather than with synths. Some skilled bass work too; it's not just a background instrument in the song, which is great to hear.
Some people said that the song was too long - I personally don't think that it was; I think that it was varied enough to warrant the longer song length. I never felt like it got repetitive. And like someone else said already, sounds like a perfect road-trip song.

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