I decided to go buy a brand new set of Ernie Balls and restring my baby. The guitar uses a Jackson licensed Floyd Rose bridge and when clearly by the picture the small rectangle that locks the string into place has some how fallen out meaning I can't have my top E string in place.

For starters, what is this piece of the bridge called?
Second.. does anyone know if you're able to buy replacement pieces?
And third: if theres no replacement parts around, what could be a good alternative for replacing this piece?


http://gyazo.com/b6bc77f0ab073f0cf59b90096e655f3b <-- screenshot of the issue
They're called string saddle blocks.

Because Jackson no longer makes Licensed Floyds anymore, and dimensionally the saddle blocks are different from Original Floyd Rose saddle blocks (the hole that the saddle block bolts bear against on the saddle block itself are located lower down the block on the OFR, and the LFR has the hole right in the center. I know this from upgrading my Jackson's Floyd for a Schaller), finding replacement parts might not be as simple as just buying a brand new replacement.

However, people upgrade the LFR to an OFR on the old MIJ Jacksons all the time, and sell off the guts of the old LFR on ebay. So if you've already scoured your floors and the near vicinity of where you suspect the saddle block fell out, that's your best option.

Moral of the story is to only loosen the saddle block bolts as much as you need to. If you only back them off as much as you need to, the end of the bolt will still be inside the hole of the saddle block, preventing it from falling out.
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Someone help me pleeeeeease i cant find this anywhere!!!

What exactly are the Jackson Licensed FR's made of? I'm thinking copper or brass because after a while the strings weardown the black paint and reveal a bronze-ish finish!

Second, how would i just remove the black paint altogether?
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The blocks are most likely made from either brass or steel. You can remove the black paint with acetone or paint stripper.
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