I have bought some EMG HZ (just because i got them real cheap) for a project guitar ive been working on.

You know the solderless connection kits you can get to wire them up - they come with 4 pots (2 vol and 2 tone)
my guitar is an ibanez destroyer (dt200) and only has 1 volume and 2 tone pots

could i just literally leave out a tone pot when connecting up?

Ive never done this before so any feed back will be much appreciated

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yeah it's totally possible. At the end of the day those are what you call in the printed circuit board world as break away headers. There is a bunch of diagrams online to go by.
Sure can. I just recently cabled up a guitar with EMG actives and the guitar only had one master volume and one master tone with 3 way switch for two pickups. I left out two pots. The EMG sites have lots of schematics for all sorts of configs.
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