Few days ago, my package from thomann decided to finally arrive, being two weeks late in a very classy manner. That aside, at least I got my new stuff, and it was worth the wait.

First of all, there's my new "amp", in other words I decided to go with modelling due to lack of space and peace. Here's my new Pod HD and a pair of nice AKG k-240 MK II's.

I also ordered a gig bag for the bean, but for now I'm using it to store my headphones so that the cats can't eat them.

And new picks. I actually got the Dragon's heart weeks ago, but didn't want to make a thread just for a pick.

Apologies for the crappy pics. I'm not a photographer

The Pod is everything I hoped it to be: a high quality, versatile modelling unit that is incomparable in home recording. When I was waiting for the package, I got a little antsy since a lot of people seemed to hate the Pod HD tones, even saying that free amp sims sound better than it. Well, after about 15 minutes playing around with it, I've come to the conclusion that a clear majority of people are idiots. You can make this unit sound very good with a little tweaking, and amazing with a lot of tweaking. And even though an 11R might have a bit better modelling, it falls short in every other category. Dual amps, ease of use, price, size and it's community are just a few things that make this unit the best in amp modelling in reasonable price ranges. I also recorded a few comparisons between this and Guitar Rig 5 with some reamping, and I have to say that the GR5 is a really nice software for home recording. You really can have good results with it. Still, it was clearly inferior to the Pod in every aspect, except for the price maybe. Only thing that I can say is that there really isn't a better option for this unit if you don't want to buy 3000$ worth of rack gear.

Highlights of the HD were in my opinion the Soldano models. I have no clue if it's even close to the real thing, but the models are really nice. The effects quality is pretty great too overall, however "DSP limit reached" pops to the screen a bit too often. Still worth the 300e I saved not buying a HD Pro X.

The most disappointing thing was the marshall models. I really see no use for them in my recordings, as the Park and Soldano models do everything I was looking for in the crunch department. By the way, it was pretty annoying that I had to spend 30 minutes updating the unit before I had access to all the models and effects. Not cool, but not even close to deal breaking.

The headphones are really nice. I went with semi-open backs since I heard that they're easier to use for longer periods, and I'm glad that I did since my ears really get tired easily The k240 mkII's are very comfortable when worn and as far as I can tell sound very good, I've done some very simple recording tests and I like what I'm hearing with the phones.

Then the picks. Dragon's Heart guitar picks are what I would call boutique picks, their price is something like 8 bucks per pick. They're meant to be indestructible, and they've been carefully designed for maximum versatility. I bought two "pure" models, which were made from pure polyamide-imide, meaning that it should have the best balance between speed and durability. I've been using one for weeks now, and haven't touched the other one, and I can't even tell them apart. There is almost no wear whatsoever, and they should last for a 1000 hours according to the website. Usage-wise, I have to say that these are not for everyone. These might even not be for me. The regular pick edge works very well for soloing and sweeping and stuff, but it really lacks a lot of attack for tight rhythms in my opinion. The round edge is designed for strumming, and while it is very comfy in the style I find the tone and the attack way too harsh and bright to use with my acoustic. It's completely okay with an electric though. The sharp "jazz III" edge is the one I have used the least. It feels tacky to me, and I'd just rather use a regular jazz III, which feels better for me. I recommend that you check these out if you get the chance, just keep in mind that these might not suit your style at all.

But thank heavens for the Black Ice picks. Like holy crap. The moment I started playing with one I felt like I just became a better guitarist. They're shaped like a Jazz III and are only 0.5mm thick, which makes the incomparable in fast picking. But unlike the Dragons Heart, the flat side also makes these picks very nice for tight playing and palm mutes. There's not much to say about these, except that I recommend them. Great picks.

Whew, that was quite a wall of text. But I hope that I helped with the small reviews, there isn't much eye candy here so I had to fill the space with something else. But so far, I like the pod, I like the Phones and I like the picks, so it was money well spent. Thank you to everyone who helped me with the headphones, modelers and all that stuff, you really helped me make a great decision
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