I was crucified on the cross when I was eight
I had nothin' to look forward to except to graduate
I ain't got any friends and I ain't got any time
All I got is pussy sittin' on my mind

You better believe I'm twistin' up this rap shit
I'm goin' all over town, going crazy doin' backflips
I don't know what I'm sayin', and I don't know why I'm prayin'
Because I'm my own god, ya know what I'm sayin'?

I don't know where I'm goin', I don't know how I'm havin' sex
I don't know why I'm banging my best friend's ex
But I'll come out strong with no remorse
I get struck the **** down and get back on my horse

Niggas try to tell me that they think they know shit
When they comin' up to my face they bout to get hit
Bitch, cuz I don't **** around, and I got to town
When I'm nailin' that pussy, lickin it up and down

(Chorus) Hands in the air for the Class of 2012
Hands in the air for the Class of 2012
We made it
We maaaaade it

It's amazing how much we can relate to the crucifiction of one of God's men

I'll add more later.
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