Hey everyone. I got an electroharmonix micro pog and have been fiddling around with it. I like making my own loops and jamming over them, but having the pog adds more depth and i've found can really anchor a song when used properly.

As always, the lead guitar is improvised and therefore pretty dicey in spots. But please let me know what you think! I really like the theme of this song and would like to develop it more into an actual composition.

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My first impression after hitting play: "this isn't what I expected this to sound like" despite the fact that I didnt think I really had any expectations coming in. I definitely think you have something here if you wanted to take it from improv to composition. I'm approaching 3 mins and so far I'm even sure I'd change anything. I'm enjoying the way it's built off itself and grown into a living, breathing track over which you're now soloing. Tapping starting at 5:22 is a keeper but I actually think cutting it off after that one part at about 5:28 would keep it really fresh. It really brings a new flavor coming in with the slides but the next part is a little bland and you dont want to undo the ear catching you just accomplished. If this were a composition I'd say keep it to 3-4 minutes the way it's set up now. If it were me improving on this loop I probably could have soloed all day and not lost interest so I get why it's 8 minutes now. In composition form I'd definitely look at playing with what elements you're taking away at times as much if not more as the adding them in. To keep it dynamic and moving forward I'd consider rolling it back to just the beat and bass or acoustic guitar for instance and have a more intimate part before opening it back up again. It's engaging to see the song build from the ground up at the beginning, so the more times you can have the effect on the listener without it getting stale the longer you'll ultimately be able to push the track. Going back to what I was saying at first, I was a admittedly a little meh about clicking the video at the start, thinking eh, looping pedal jam might be alright? maybe? maybe not? Ok I'll just click it and if it doesnt grab me I'll find another one. I was hooked almost right away though and that's a big part of the battle obviously when you're putting a song out there in the sea of all the other songs.

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It was very interesting to watch you build up the track and I can imagine you live with a drummer just making the track before an audience then soloing over it. It's pretty cool stuff. As far as the song I thought it was very nice. I think it would benefit from being much shorter, maybe half the length. There's a lot of ideas there and you say you want to make it into a composition so I'll give you my opinions on that:

- I like the beginning of the solo
- Keep the tapping portion and the part starting around 6:28
- I liked 7:23 - 7:33, the harmonics were nice
- I agree with what was said above about rolling it back at some point to something quieter so you can have a climax towards the end
- Some harmonies between guitars would also be interesting, there is a lot of opportunity with layering with this

I will update if I think of something else, but nice piece and great playing!

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Nearly turned this off with no comment, but then just in time he samples his motif and starts the loop pedal, and suddenly things sound interesting. This is an ambitious idea, and more attention needs to be paid to technical articulations such as timing and tuning, but artistically this really works, as it does visually. It's exciting to listen and watch the music gradually build up out of these little motifs that seem like old friends because they've been politely introduced to you, and now they work together in a symphonic harmony.
So, get your guitar technique sorted - should be no problem, as you're clearly a fine guitarist - and get a better camera angle, use a backdrop, y'know put some effort into the visual side, and this could be much better. But still, in conception there's something brilliant here, as a musical / visual spectacle. I enjoyed it a lot, and also found the music passionate and deep.

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Thanks for the tips fellas, i do agree with you on a lot of them. This isn't my best soloing work, but there were bits and pieces here and there i really like that will work there way into a finished product at some point, including all the ones you guys suggested.

I especially think jmako's suggestion of having a "stop" for a softer part and then bringing the whole loop back in is a great idea. I would already do stuff like that if i had a better looper (only have a boss rc-3 which, while a great pedal, i may have already outgrown it) and a volume pedal hooked up to it, since setting up loop tones and stuff with the other pedals more or less confines me to just an ongoing loop. I can definitely visualize how I would do it, but it'd be pretty tough and would take a while to really finesse. But it's definitely something i'll carry forward into a composition.
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