Hey guys I'm super new to this forum, hopefully im doing this right.
I've been slowly but surely getting into the use of pedals. I've been asked to play guitar in a shoegaze style band and I need your guys help in setting up my signal path "correctly." Any input would be awesome!

My pedals are:
Polytune mini tuner
Ernie Ball volume pedal
Way Huge Swollen Pickle
Fulltone OCD
Fuzzrocious Demon King
TC Electronic Flashback Delay
EHX Cathedral Reverb

Also considering getting a MXR EQ, because I read here it will help make up for whatever tone the volume pedal sucks.

I'm playing out of an Orange TH-30 with Orange PPC212, and a Fender Thinline Tele, if that matters any.

Thank you in advance
I would put them in the exact order you have listed.
Tuners go all the way in front, volume pedals usually right after, then dirt in no real order unless you have a preference when stacking them, then delay/reverb all the way in back.

There's no "correct" way, really. The order you have seems perfectly fine following the usual guidelines/suggestions.
Thanks for the reply! A few things i've read said to put the volume pedal after the dirt, but before the delay. Would you know the benefit of that? And if I were to put the volume pedal there would you recommend the rc boost directly before the volume pedal, or after?
The main goal would be to keep the gain all the way down on the rc boost, making it a strictly clean boost, while using the OCD for light overdrive and the Demon King as a main OD.
Volume after dirt is going to keep the distortion level more even and just drop the volume. In front of the dirt it will clean up as you lower the volume. Of course there's more complex interaction with fuzzes and ODs, but that's the general idea.

A lot of this is just going to have to be trial and error on your part. Stuff like the RC booster before or after the volume is totally going to come down to your rig and your taste. Try it, see what works.