I am not sure if I am posting the ad in the correct section but this looked as close as it can get.

What I am looking for is article writer for a guitar website that my company owns. If you are able to write guitar/gear reviews, beginner tips, maybe even shoot videos and lessons that we can upload, if you can follow and write guitar news or anything else guitar related, drop me a pm so we can move on.

In most cases you will be given topics that you will have to write on. We can start with a $8 fee per article and will move on from there if the quality is good and if you stick around with us. You will get full writing credit for your work, it will be posted with your name on it (unless you prefer otherwise).

If you want to apply please write me a message with the following:
1 - A sample of your work (a paragraph or two)
2 - Your experience with guitar