I was wondering if someone could help me out with getting the right tone for the above song. (The lead guitar parts)
I understand that it is hard to get the exact tone as I don't have the exact same equipment as the band, but I just need some sort of direaction( Eg.treble settings etc.)

My equipment is not very high end, but I have a roland cube 15xl and a "vox stomplab 1g "multi-effects pedal.

Thanks in advance!
Use moderate gain on the amp, lots of mids, some bass, then use a small overdrive pedal to boost the amp, so there's more gain, there's tons of youtube videos on how to do this and it's so easy
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I just read on a rig run down that in 2011 (When that song was released) they used Peavey 6505+ Heads. A lot of budget amps tend to have a modelling channel based off of that, so try and find the "Smoothest" sounding channel without tweaking EQ (Yet)

As its a lead tone, treble can go up a little. Boost the Mids quite a bit, you can adjust bass to your liking, it can really depend on your room. (I like to turn bass down until it sounds decently tight)
A little added distortion will help (but not too much) and choose between the Neck and Bridge pickups on the guitar. Don't forget that tone also comes from the hands too, so learn those ADTR parts cleanly and smoothly.