Hello, I was wanting to see if I could get some advise on retrofitting an new bridge on an old electric guitar to help with intonation and overall playability. Is it doable? Problems I might come across? Pros and cons? What bridge would work the best in this situation? The guitar is a mid-sixties Kay Truetone 302. It has a wooden bridge. What do you think?
You could try a Bigsby 0250, or the flat based Bigsby bowtie bridge maybe. The flat base should get the bridge down low enough to match the existing wood bridge's height. A TOM bridge might work, but you would have to drill the post holes in the body and it might be too tall. A TOM on a Bigsby base might work also. The radius of the bridge needs to match the fretboard's for best playability. Measure the height and see. Good luck
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That bridge is homemade, and almost anything would be an improvement.

The neck angle is quite low, so the bridge is also low, and this needs to be taken into consideration when looking for a replacement. - You can always shim the neck to get more height. The trem probably works OK if you make a new arm for it, and in that case I would fit a roller bridge and shim the neck to accommodate it. If you don't want to use the trem I would fit a low-profile Tune-o-matic, and again shim the neck if necessary. Stewmac has a good selection, and also a scale length calculator to get the bridge in exactly the right place.