My self hurt, my fantasy
Broken glass, my ecstasy
Fall asleep to a crashing lullaby
Who will I see when I open my eyes?
So easy, so difficult
Pull the wheel, so cynical
Why do these visions never seem to stop?

Obsessive compulsion driving my depression
Whisper to the ear of God
Hoping he might listen
My demons, they echo all my prayers and questions
Yet I never give in
I guess I have my answer.
God hates a coward.

Stop the thought, stop the impulse
Just a dream, stop the signals
Tear my skin and break every single bone
Who will I see? Will I wake up alone?
I can't stop, I've lost control
Thoughts run wild, I'm almost sold
Why do these visions never seem to stop?
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my last fail was breaking up with my gf.

that's going to suck for a while

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Well, not really haha!

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