I don't know if this goes here or not, but here goes nothing. I've been looking for a powertab of Down by STP for the longest. I even requested it at a few places, but to no luck. So I decided to try and tab it myself.

Problem: I can't exactly figure out the bridge. I have all of the rhythm track, but the bridge just doesn't sound 100% right. That and I'm not even going to pretend like I know the solo enough to try and write it in powertabs. I was hoping someone here who has both, a better knowledge of the song and a better knowledge of Power Tab Editor to be able to help me with it. If you are able to help me, please take all the credit you want. I'm not looking for praise, I'm looking for help. Please, thank you and if this is the wrong forum, I apologize and please direct me to where this post should go.

Thank you,
Incomplete - Stone Temple Pilots - Down.ptb
Thank you #21! Tim Duncan!!!