is it me or does it seem like the amp market has gone up? i remember seeing peavey tube amps for like 250-300 regularly, now it slike the 6505s are like 400 even the xxx are like 400 now. just seems like its either more scarce or the prices have gotton higher over the past couple years.
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The economy is doing better so people aren't setting on prices anymore. And the older the amps get, the less likely you will be running into them in stores.
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I wanted to sell my 5150 combo for last few years, and watched amps just like mine on craigslist keep lowering their prices. I just put new tubes and speakers in it a few months ago, and I'm not selling it. It kicks ass. They are definitely available for around $400, and that's a good amp for the money. I paid $650 for mine 8 years ago.
I just sold a mint Peavey 6505 plus 112 combo for 350.00 , seems like things are moving now that income tax check refunds are coming